Rules 1.0 and Info you should have.

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Rules 1.0 and Info you should have.

Post by Bam on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:56 pm

Teen Planet Official Rules

1. SPAM is fucking annoying.
-So don't do it
-SPAM=annoying posts that do not contribute to the forum or thread, and they will not be tolerated.
-If you do not know what spam is, then I have know idea how you managed to find this forum, because well, it is not allowed on any site that I know.

2. Cursing = Not as bad
-Were all teens here, a little "slip of the tongue" or expression of anger is not a big deal
-Although swearing is pretty much aloud, there are some standards. You cannot make a post so bad and containing so much cussing that you can barely understand the post.
-Your not stupid, (I hope) so dont act like an idiot and cuss for attention.

3. Advertising
Hmm...this is a rough one.
-You may advertise in your signature
-If someone is asking for a good site with resources, or help, or anything like that, than you may post the URL to a/your site.
-You may NOT make a site thread made to advertise for a site just to get it more popularity, however if you send a message to an ADMINIMONSTER (NOT a Moderator) asking for permission to make a topic for advertising because it may be helpful to others, then PM them this form:


Where would you be posting the ad.? (Which forum):
Link to site:
Why? How does it help the other members?:

4. Egos
On Teen Planet, we don't support large egos. It is annoying and nobody likes it. If you have a large ego, get rid of it or else you will be severely warned.

5. Rep Abusal
Please do not -1 rep or +1 every post you see. That is abuse and pointless. Rep is there for judging posts if you agree or disagree with them. The abuse ends in 2 severe warnings, so please be aware of that.


PLEASE NOTE: Any violations to these rules will result in warnings, and bans. You do NOT have the right to violate them. These rules apply to staff as well.

Last Updated: 8/18/10
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