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Things you should know about me: (Updated Regularly)

  • I love the Simpson's
  • I have a Brother and a Sister
  • I live in Australia
  • I eat alot
  • I talk alot
  • I have a Facebook
  • I have a MSN
  • I like all the modern music The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Affraid
  • I have annoying neighbours who play Justin Beiber all day The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Affraid The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Affraid The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Affraid The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Icon_pale The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Affraid The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Icon_mad The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Kopfschuettel

  • I'm good at Tennis
Day 1:
I'm in a dark spot, i don't know whether I'm in a cave or a tunnel. I must of been sleep walking out of my house and into the mysterious place next door. Oh no, here comes a black shadow...

Day 2: The black shadow was a fat alien from outta space asking me too go to his ship, i said "whatever" and followed the Alien. When i saw the spaceship, it was big, and pimped out. The Alien asked me too get inside, when i got inside, the ship was really flash. When the alien came, he pressed some buttons and the ship was passing Pluto before i could say "Whoa".
Day 3: He died when he saw the annoying orange

Day 3: What really happened was the Alien told me "do you like picnic's", "yes" i said. So it was a long 3 Day flight, however when I got there, i was greeted with cheering and smiles. The aliens said "time to eat our prey", i ran like fuck, what happened next was the weirdest thing every, i was turning into a fat, green alien.

Day 4: When the full transformation finished, i had to live on this stupid planet for ever. Sad


9th June: Panted 4 times at school, 800 word SOSE Assignment

17th June: Found being eaten by sharks on the 13th June 2010, the sharks were later sentenced for death. Meanwhile he finds a way out of the shark, but it wasn't pretty The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Icon_pale

20th June: School Hoildays coming up (: Ummm, next blog update, i will start posting random stuff, so be ready!

21st: I hope the School Hoildays will come soon, or i will freeze myself. Still waiting my Super Mario Galaxy 2 to come out in Australia and oh yeah, RANDOM BLOG POST!!!!

Random Blog Post!:
The Annoying Orange Series:

22th June: Finished my Spice rack for woodwork and it was okay, although could be alot better... SCHOOL HOILDAYS WHERE THE DUCK ARE YOU? SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 WHERE ARE YOU? Australia must always get the last of everything Sad

Yo Momma Joke

Yo momma so high on weed that she makes Justin Beiber have a very deep voice.

Speaking of Justin Beiber, HIS BALLS HIS DROPPED 0.0 And no, i didn't look Wink

25th June:


26th June:


1st July:


6th July: Got Super Mario Galaxy 2 (too rent). Got to world 4 (:

8th July: Finished Super Mario Galaxy 2 Very Happy (:

9th July: I have a random thought, why do we go to school? Why can't we just get devices which download information into our brains? Please random guy, Please!

Do not press this spoiler, there's something bad gonna happen if you do:

Do not press this next spoiler

I really mean it

Come on, 1 more time.

click here, you to learn.

14th July: So, how about them cavs? Sorry YEM, I'm bored. Listen to Eminem's new album "Recovery", best Eminem album ever. Had to go back to school Monday. Cooking is to boring, but better than Woodwork and Agriculture The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Icon_twisted . Inter school Carnival = Scary.

16th July: I got a 3 day weekend Very Happy then another 3 day weekend after that Very Happy because of the 129th Charters Towers Annual Show. Well, i got to run 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 in the Interschool Carnival The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog Icon_evil . But that means 2 days of no school! My earphones just shit themselves, but, i fixed my earphones. Mum might be getting a Mac laptop, meaning i can have this computer Very Happy, i just wish i could have the Mac laptop.The Barty/Yousuck24 Blog 68878 (Frozen Banana.)

17th July: Got a new hat at this cent sale i went too Smile. Otherwise did nothing. Since this blog is boring, i'll add more to this shit.

Thought of the Day: "Be happy, even at the worse times at life"

Song of the Day: Cinderella Man - Eminem (Recovery)

Food of the Day: Yoohoo Icecream.

Rating of this day: 7/10

Thought of the Day:
Song of the Day:
Food of the Day:
Rating of this Day:

Code if you want to use this thing. Wink

20th July:

Hopefully, i get to stay home from the inter-school carnival for 2 days Wink. I made play-dough today (OMG I SO AMAZING)

Thought of the Day: "Never give up, until you lose"
Song of the Day: "Almost Famous" - Eminem (Recovery)
Food of the Day: Big Mac
Rating of
this Day: 9/10 (Pretty good day, until i realized that i might have to go to the inter-school carnival)

22nd July: Have you played this game called Silent Hill, Shattered Memories on the
wii? It's a great little game.

5th August:

My day, on youtube videos:

What happens when you mix fire, gas and chemicals. This is what happened.
Then our teacher tried doing some maths.
Then we played soccer.
Walking home, sooooooo close.
I was cooking dinner, and my oven exploded Sad

Oh, and here what happened yesterday at the dentist:

Thought of the Day: "I bored, but aleast I'm not insane.
Song of the Day: IDK
Food of the Day: Green Apple
Rating of this Day: 6/10

August 17th:

Got a filling at the dentist. It hurt like shit. Aleast i only need to get one more. Very Happy. There's a sport's carnival on, (again) Maybe i'll get 2 days off Very Happy

Thought of the Day: "Ouch, it hurts. But aleast i get off of school work! Very Happy"
Song of the Day: "Let the bass on In Miami Bitch" - LMFAO and Chuckie.
Food of the Day: McDonald's, simple.
Rating of this Day: 2/10 (Dentist, Dentist, Dentist.)

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